• December 1, 2020

Category : Foreign Policy

President Trump Announces U.S. Will Withdraw From World Health Organization

On Friday, President Trump announces that the United States will withdraw from the World Health Organization.  The announcement comes after China misled the World Health Organization for months with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Health Organization also refuses to implement multiple reforms that were proposed by the United States. The reforms could have […]

Missouri becomes first state to sue China over Coronavirus

Missouri’s Attorney General, Eric Schmitt announced that the state has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese government in the U.S. District Court for Eastern Missouri over the coronavirus. The lawsuit alleges Chinese officials are “responsible for the enormous death, suffering and economic losses they inflicted on the world, including Missourians.” A written statement put out […]

Trump: “Globalism Doesn’t Work!”

In an epic smack down of globalism, President Trump said Saturday the biggest lesson of the coronavirus crisis was that the United States should not rely on China for their supply chains. “We’ve learned a lot about supply chains,” Trump said. “We’ve learned that it’s nice to make things in the U.S., I’ve been saying […]

$6 Trillion and counting: the cost of fighting coronavirus

The U.S has spent a total of $6 trillion fighting the coronavirus and that number is expected to rise. Isn’t it time China pays for their negligence and malfeasance in aiding the spread of the virus? The unprecedented amount spent fighting the virus certainly warrants President Trump cutting off funds to the WHO, which the […]

Sources say coronavirus originated in chinese lab to compete with

Sources have reportedly told Fox News that coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan China in an effort to demonstrate the countries capabilities to identify and combat viruses are equal to that of the United States. The sources believe that the first victim of the virus worked in a laboratory and went on to spread […]