• October 22, 2020

Governor Of Puerto Rico Endorses President Trump

 Governor Of Puerto Rico Endorses President Trump

On Tuesday, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez, officially endorsed President Trump. Vázquez made the endorsement during an interview with Telemundo. Vázquez was reportedly going to endorse President Trump at his Florida rally scheduled for last week, but the rally was cancelled after President Trump tested positive for COVID-19. President Trump spent 2 days at the Walter Reed Hospital, but has since returned to the White House, stating he feels “great”.

In her statement, Vázquez urged those of Puerto Rican descent to vote. To quote Vázquez, “I ask all Puerto Ricans who are listening to go vote. They have to go to vote, exercise their right to vote and evaluate who has represented being a person who thinks about Puerto Ricans and their needs at the most difficult moment: It is Donald Trump”. While Puerto Ricans that reside on the island are ineligible to vote for President, estimates suggest that at least 1.1 million Puerto Ricans live in the swing state of Florida, representing 5.7% of the state’s electorate. For reference, every presidential election in Florida since 1996 has been within 5.7%. 

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