• October 21, 2020

President Trump SURGING polls say

This presidential election, despite what the media says Donald Trump is “surging” in the polls. Trump signs line the streets throughout the country.

Donald Trump

Many main stream media polls have Donald Trump losing to former Vice President, Joe Biden by nearly double digits. Our own poll actually says the opposite, by a lot. Of the near 1.5 million votes Donald Trump recurved 82% of the votes over Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s terrible performances in the past couple of our polls speaks volumes, because we poll and allow people to share to their platforms, meaning we don’t have control of who votes.

No matter what the main stream media says about President Trump you can’t deny his record, the booming economy, and corruption he’s exposed throughout his term as President.

Jeremy Messina


Jeremy Messina has been a Conservative throughout his life, proudly republican and was never registered as a democrat. Proud President Trump supporter since day 1. Currently a business owner, on town planning board and various Republican committees holding various positions.

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