• October 21, 2020

“Cops” Show Cancelled After Historic 30 Year Run

 “Cops” Show Cancelled After Historic 30 Year Run

On Tuesday, Paramount Network announced an official end to the TV show “Cops”. The show’s 33rd season was set to begin on Monday, but no episodes have been aired since June 1 due to nationwide protests and riots. 

Similarly, A&E has suspended their police reality TV show “Live PD”. The show usually airs every Friday and Saturday, but A&E has stated that new episodes are “unlikely”. 

Paramount Network has openly displayed support for Black Lives Matter and subsequent riots and protests that have occurred across the country. Paramount Network owns Nickelodeon, a kid oriented TV channel. Nickelodeon interrupted an episode of Spongebob Squarepants last week and replaced the children’s cartoon show with a black screen with the words “I can’t breathe”. CNN also hosted a “town hall” with Sesame Street characters to indoctrinate children into their agenda. It should also be noted that Paramount Network is owned by CBS, a totally left wing biased news network. 

The Democrats have become an anti-police party. The Minneapolis City Council, which is composed of 100% Democrats, voted earlier this week to abolish their police department. Countless top Democrats have called for similar measures such as a “defunding” of police departments.

Abolishing TV shows merely because cops are in them is asinine. The police officers in the show still maintain their positions, they are still cops. The only individuals hurt from abolishing police oriented TV shows are the cameramen and camerawomen. They are now unemployed despite having zero connections to the death of George Floyd. 

Lastly, if police officers should be monitored and analyzed further, isn’t it in the public interest to keep the cameras on them? If a police officer acts inappropriately, there is a camera right there to capture it. Instead of abolishing police oriented reality TV shows, Democrats and Americans should be calling for an extension to them. Democrats are hypocrites and have become the party of anarchy. Vote them out on November 3, 2020!

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