• November 23, 2020

Minneapolis Set To Abolish Own Police Department

 Minneapolis Set To Abolish Own Police Department

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA – December 28, 2018: Founded in 1867, Minneapolis Police Department also known as MPD. It is the largest police department in Minnesota.

The city of Minneapolis is intending upon creating a “police-free future”. A veto-proof majority of the Minneapolis City Council, which is composed of 100% Democrats, voted to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department on Sunday. Following the vote, the city will now “begin the process of ending the Minneapolis Police Department”. 

The move comes after weeks of protests and riots following the death of George Floyd. Minneapolis is the first major city in America to dismantle their police departments. Minnesota has a population of 430,000 and is considered one of the most dangerous cities in America. 

It is unclear as to what exactly will replace the Minneapolis Police Department. Some within the Minneapolis City Council have proposed firing all police officers and replacing them with unarmed mental health experts to engage with the community. Others have proposed giving power to the Sheriff and maintaining a small amount of officers for emergency use only. Either way, dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department will surely hurt the economy in Minneapolis as businesses will surely be increasingly fearful of potential crimes. Crime rates are also certain to increase following the abolition of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Calling for police reform or a reduction of police department funding can be debated at a policy level. Dismantling the entire police department in a city with a high crime rate and over 400,000 Americans residing within it can not be debated. Even some within the Democrat Party disagree with dismantling police departments. Minneapolis’s own Democrat Mayor, Jacob Frey, stated “I do not support abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department”. Despite Frey being the mayor of Minneapolis, his point of view does not matter since the Minneapolis City Council voted to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department with a veto-proof majority.

Police departments themselves are not the problem,  bad cops are. The same can be said with humans. Humans are not the problem, humans are not the reason that 385,000 are murdered each year, bad humans are. Dismantling entire police departments because a bad cop is within one is akin to entire cities killing themselves because there is a murderer, AKA bad human, within the city.

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