• October 21, 2020

Not Everyone Is A Winner

 Not Everyone Is A Winner

I hate to break it to you, but not everyone is a winner. This is not to mean that you can not win at anything that you attempt to do, but rather that not everybody can do that. 

Every individual is absolutely capable of winning in anything that they attempt to do. However, there are no winners without losers. This is one of the greatest flaws of socialism. Socialists believe that each individual can achieve a coercively equal amount of success, and therefore, society as a whole will be successful. As well intended of a theory as this may be, it is flawed at its core. 

There can be no love without hate. Hate is not encouraged, just as losing is not encouraged – but each are essential to the existence of their inverses. Not everyone is a winner due to the fact that it is simply impossible. The winners are the individuals who do the best. Whether or it is sports, business, elections, whatever it is, there are only winners and losers. 

Currently, however, a generation, my generation, is being indoctrinated by claims that everyone is indeed a winner. The focal example of this can be seen in so called “participation trophies”. Participation in anything, particularly tasks that involve risk, should indeed be encouraged. However, they should not be encouraged with an ensured reward of a trophy. Trophies 

should be given to the winners. 

It is quintessential to learn how to handle a loss, as losing is inevitable. You will lose, I will lose, we all will lose, at some point. The only difference between each of us is how we handle such losses. How you handle losses determines the extent of your wins. The real world does not care about your feelings being hurt. To quote the great Ben Shapiro, “Facts Don’t care about your feelings”. 

Personally, I look at losses as an opportunity. Losses provide individuals with the tremendous opportunity to observe the reason, or reasons, such a loss occurred, and therefore learn the lesson. There is a purpose and reason to everything, and identifying said purposes or reasons will automatically place you on the proper track to success the next time around.

The reasons that individuals do not win is variable. Some individuals are simply lazy. For example, Hillary Clinton was too lazy to even so much as visit the state of Wisconsin. Others may try hard, but not to the full extent of their potential. However, the main reason individuals lose is concession. Many individuals lose once, then give up. This can be seen in all walks of life, whether it’s a broken relationship, an economic failure, or whatever it is, far too many just give up. To be a winner, you can never give up.

Now, with that being said, here are the methods of success. Firstly, it is critical that all issues are identified. Reflect upon yourself and identify the reasons as to why you may fail, or perhaps even why you have failed previously. Addressing these issues is the first step to success. 

Next, individuals who desire to win must set goals, and set substantial goals. Additionally, it is essential that consistency exists, or the goal will almost certainly not be achieved. No goal is too large, everything is achievable. Nothing is certain either, so each day, do everything within your power to ensure that your goal is achieved.

Furthermore, all winners take advantage of each opportunity they are granted. It is paramount that individuals treat opportunities for what they are: opportunities. There is no path to victory without risk. You can not go 0/0 and win, you must attempt. Attempt to achieve your goal via a sequence of cautiously taken risks, also known as opportunities.

Additionally, you must be passionate. A significant portion of success is a derivative of happiness. If you do not enjoy the job in which you are performing, or the goal in which you wish to achieve, select another job or goal.

Next, all aspiring individuals should think positively. The power of positive thinking is legitimate. Do not allow anything to halt your journey. Manifest your dreams into reality, and stay within this mindset, no matter what the critics state. You should also love everyone, to different extents, of course. Love has tremendous powers, do not underestimate them. 

Next, ignore all critics. Do not allow anybody, or anything for that matter, to obstruct your goals. All successful people had critics prior to their success, and those critics were unquestionably mistaken in their convictions. Stay faithful to yourself and your beliefs.

Furthermore, failure shall not be feared. This is tied to the first focal point of success. In that potential failures must be identified and avoided at all costs, but not feared. A failure provides an individual with the opportunity to learn, and if that individual takes advantage of the opportunities granted to them, they are almost certain to win. Not attempting is the only way to ensure that one does not fail. However, doing so also ensures that that same individual does not succeed. Embrace failure.

Finally, and most vitally, never give up. Never quit. Quitters are total and absolute losers. Whether it is life itself, a game, a contest, whatever it is, a quitter is always a coward. An individual is always capable of prosperity, no matter the situation in which they are in. Life is not fair, but neither is quitting the game of life because you don’t approve of the rules. 

Every individual on the face of this Earth has the potential to be a winner. However, not everyone is a winner, and not everyone will be a winner. Your fate is within your control. Winners identify issues, set goals, are passionate, think positively, ignore critics, never give up, and always strive for excellence. Be a winner.

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