• October 22, 2020

The Truth About Abortion

 The Truth About Abortion

One of the most emotional and divided subjects in America is abortion. According to Gallup, 46% of Americans identify as pro life while 47% identify as pro choice. This is a practical split. However, instead of explaining whether or not abortion should be legal or illegal, this article will explain why abortion is immoral. 

Does the fetus have any value or any rights? Those who claim that the fetus has no rights also claim that the fetus is not a person. It is a scientific fact that a human fetus is indeed human life. However, even if one believes that the fetus is not a person, it doesn’t mean that it has no value or no rights. There are many living things that are not human but have both value as well as rights. Some of these living things are dogs or cats. A living thing doesn’t have to be a person in order to have rights and value. 

Now, with all that being said, what about the right of the mother? The right referenced is the supposed right of the mother to end her fetus’s life under any reasoning or any circumstances she wants. Additionally, in 9 states, as well as Washington D.C, there is no limit to the time in the mother’s pregnancy in which she can get an abortion. Is that moral? The only way it could be moral is if the human fetus had no value.

However, in almost every case, people believe the fetus has practically infinite value, as well as an absolute right to live. This belief comes only when the mother wants to give birth. Only then does society and the legal system regard the fetus as so valuable that if someone were to kill it, they would be charged with homicide. It is only if a pregnant woman does not want to give birth that about half of the people think of the fetus as worthless. Does that make sense? No, it doesn’t. 

Either a human fetus has worth, or it doesn’t. On what moral grounds can the mother alone decide the value of a fetus? We don’t do that with newborn children. It is society, not the mother or the father, that says if a newborn child has value and a right to live. Why should that be different prior to a human being born? Why does one person get to decide if a being has a right to live? 

What about the right women have to control their body? Well, it is correct that a woman has the absolute right to control her body. However, the fetus is not her body. It is in her body, and it is a totally separate body. In reference to the fetus, nobody ever asks a pregnant woman how their body is. They ask how the baby is. 

Additionally, virtually everyone believes that the second the baby comes out of the womb, killing it would be murder. However, killing the baby any time before it is born is considered no more immoral than removing a tooth. How does that make sense? 

Finally, aren’t there at least some instances where people who consider themselves pro choice would say an abortion would be wrong? For example, would it be moral to abort a female fetus just because the mother wanted a male instead? People will vary on views about the legal status of abortion, but all should agree abortion is immoral. Societies can still function if people do immoral things. It can not function if the immoral things are labeled as moral. 

Now, let’s look at abortion providers. America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, repeatedly claims that abortion is only 3% of the services that they offer. It’s in their annual report, on their website, and is countlessly recited by Planned Parenthood supporters. However, here is why that statistic is false. Even the liberal website Slate says that the 3% statistic is “the most meaningless abortion statistic ever”. Additionally, the Washington Post fact checkers have given Planned Parenthood’s 3 percent statistic 3 pinocchios, which is equivalent to a mostly false rating. They also called the statistic “misleading”. 

If you look at the actual numbers from Planned Parenthood’s annual report, Planned Parenthood commits over 300,000 abortions per year. In 2016, they committed 323,999 abortions. This averages to about 887 abortions per day, or 37 abortions per hour, or about one abortion every 97 seconds. 

Now, if the 3% statistic is false, then how much of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion? Well, if you divide the number of abortions they provide every year, or 323,999, by the number of patients they see every year, or 2,500,000, you get 12.95%, or a little more than 1/8. That’s a lot more than the 1/29 that they claim. 

Additionally, Planned Parenthood commits 160 abortions for every one adoption referral, which means they have their priorities set in abortion. Planned Parenthood also often touts their PAP tests and breast exams, but they only do 0.97% of America’s total PAP tests, and only 1.8% of America’s breast exams. To the contrary, they commit 30.6% of America’s abortions. 

Since Planned Parenthood knew that they would be criticized for committing 30.6% of all abortions in America, they came up with an idea to make their abortion business seem small.  To get the 3% statistic, Planned Parenthood divides the number of abortions they commit, 323,999, by services, which they define as a “discrete clinical interaction”, and they count all services equally. This means that an entire abortion, which costs $390-$1,500, will be weighed the same as a pregnancy test, which costs $10 at a store. This means that Planned Parenthood can count 9.4 million services in their calculation. If you divide 323,999 by 9.4 million, you get a little over 1/29, or about 3%. 

It is very easy to see why their math is entirely misleading. Let’s say that a women goes to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion. If they got a pregnancy test, an abortion, and an STI test, under Planned Parenthood’s math, they could say that abortion is only about 33% of what they do, even though that woman came into Planned Parenthood only because she wanted an abortion. Under these circumstances, even if 100% of patients got an abortion, Planned Parenthood could say that abortion is only about 33% of “what they do”. You could use these calculations to change the purpose of every business. It would be as though the NFL said that because they sold 1 million drinks in a season and there were only 256 football games in the season, football is only about 0.025% of what they do. 

Planned Parenthood needs to be held accountable to their misleading claims. Abortion supporters need to be held responsible for their hypocrisy.

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