• October 20, 2020

Republicans Win Big In Tuesday’s Special Elections

 Republicans Win Big In Tuesday’s Special Elections

Two U.S. House special elections were held on Tuesday in Wisconsin and California. In both races, Republicans won big. 

In California’s 25th district, despite the election being conducted entirely by mail, Republican Mike Garcia has defeated Democrat Christy Smith to successfully flip the seat. The seat was previously held by the now disgraced Katie Hill, who resigned. Garcia won by approximately 12 points. This is a swing of over 20 points in favor of Republicans since the 2018 election in the same district. The seat is now the only Republican held seat in all of Los Angeles County.

In Wisconsin, Republican Tom Tiffany has defeated Democrat Tricia Zunker. Tiffany won by over 14 points. While this seat was previously held by a Republican, the ability of Republicans to hold the seat by a wide margin is tremendous news. 

While victories in two U.S. House special elections may seem trivial, they are extremely significant. Not only did Republicans retain a contested seat by a double digit margin, but Republicans also flipped a seat, also winning by double digits. If these results are to be mirrored at the national level, Republicans need to turn out in 2020.

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