• October 21, 2020

California Governor Newsom Mandates Vote By Mail

 California Governor Newsom Mandates Vote By Mail

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has just signed an executive order that will send every registered voter in the state of California a ballot via mail for the November election. Newsom has claimed that he will also ensure an “appropriate” number of physical voting locations will be available, but exactly how many he deems “appropriate” is not yet known. Additionally, these physical voting locations will not help combat voter fraud. Every single voter in the state of California, whether dead, double registered, or registered at the wrong address will still be sent a ballot. 

Around 21 million ballots will be sent out across California. This is almost 3 times the roughly 8.5 million ballots that were cast by mail in California in the 2016 November election. This is astounding due to the fact that California has not done enough to clean their extremely dirty voter rolls. California has a registration rate of 101% of eligible citizens. This means that more Californians are registered to vote than there are Californians eligible to vote. This is despicable. California might be the largest state in the union, but that is no excuse for their inability to maintain secure voter rolls. 

California’s policies have allowed for at least 1,500 illegals to wrongly register to vote in the last 2 years alone. Former Governor Jerry Brown allowed for illegals to receive driver’s licenses within the state. This wouldn’t be as large as an issue if it weren’t for the fact that California also automatically registers citizens to vote when they go to get their driver’s licenses. Since California automatically registers citizens to vote at the DMV, at least 1,500 illegals have been registered to vote. It should be noted that multiple California elections have been determined by mere hundreds of votes. An additional 100,000+ inaccurate voter registrations have occured since the implementation of the automatic registration policy, such as Californians being registered for the wrong political party. 

Newsom’s executive order is wrong and dangerous. Newsom isn’t stupid, he knows what he is doing. On average, universal vote by mail policies increase “turnout” by around 7%. In California, approximately 43% of voters are registered Democrats. Based on this data, there will be around 500,000 additional Democrat voters in November. Talk about stealing an election. Newsom’s executive order should be contested as if the basis for our Democracy were at risk. Because it is.

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