• October 22, 2020

CBS Just Aired Fake Hospital Videos For The Third Time

 CBS Just Aired Fake Hospital Videos For The Third Time

For the third time in mere months, CBS News has aired fake COVID-19 related footage. Back in March, CBS aired footage from an overcrowded hospital in Italy while claiming the footage was from New York. CBS apologized and claimed the incident would never happen again. However, one month later, CBS did the exact same thing by using the exact same footage from Italy, once again claiming it originated in a New York hospital. You can’t make this stuff up.

In the most recent insance, CBS aired footage of a long line of cars waiting to receive COVID-19 tests in Michigan. The intent of the video was to push the narrative that President Trump has failed with regard to testing. However, it is now known that the majority of cars in the video weren’t actual patients. Instead, they were workers for the very medical facility featured in the clip. The workers were put there to make the line appear longer. To make matters worse, there were indeed a few real patients in line who had to wait extra time to be tested due to the presence of the fake patients. 

CBS has addressed the issue and admits that “at least one staffer” was told to make the line appear longer by joining it. However, CBS did not claim responsibility. According to them, the Michigan medical facility orchestrated the event. Cherry Health, the medical facility in question, has denied this. It is unclear who truly orchestrated the video. What is clear is that CBS is fake news.

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