• November 23, 2020

Tara Reade Faces Harassment For Telling Her Story

 Tara Reade Faces Harassment For Telling Her Story

Tara Reade, one of the eight women who have accused presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden of sexual assault, is facing growing harassment online. Reade, a lifelong Democrat, has received a barrage of negative tweets, calls, and emails since she has made her allegations against Biden. Reade has been sent emails that refer to her as a “whore” or “a disgrace to women”. Other emails have either called for Reade’s death, or threatened to end her life. 

Biden has claimed that he never sexually assaulted Reade, but has also refused to allow for the release of files which likely contain Reade’s complaint from the University of Delaware. The general hypocrisy of the “Me Too” movement has been exposed thanks to Tara Reade. Tara Reade is risking her life to tell her story about Joe Biden. She must be protected at all costs.

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