• October 20, 2020

You Won’t Believe Who De Blasio Just Appointed To Lead His New ‘Coronavirus Racial Inequality’ Task Force

 You Won’t Believe Who De Blasio Just Appointed To Lead His New ‘Coronavirus Racial  Inequality’ Task Force

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio just appointed his corrupt wife, Chirlane McCray to head up his new Task Force on Racial Inclusion and Equity.

“The economic and racial disparities that have been made so clear by this crisis, we knew about them before,” said de Blasio, who has based his entire political career on race baiting. “A powerful, painful exclamation point has been put on them by this crisis.”

De Blasio says he created the task force to ensure that minorities who have been ‘hit the hardest’ by the crisis aren’t left behind when the city – that he shut down – finally reopens.

The failed Mayor is expecting to score political points by using his wife to head up a task force that he created in order to fix a problem that he also created. Sounds like a perfect example of communist liberal logic to me. Had Comrade De Blasio not locked down the city and forced thousands of out work, this crisis that he says ‘hit minorities the hardest’ wouldn’t even exist.

City lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are speaking out about De Blasio appointing his wife to the new social justice task force, considering she is currently under heavy scrutiny from community leaders for her failed Thrive Program, meant to combat mental health issues in NYC, which many call a “billion dollar money pit” with little to no actual results.


According to the NY Post, both Democrats and Republicans are heated over this announcement.

The Post reported that Staten Island Councilman Joe Borelli (R) said this about McCray’s track record: “Chirlane doesn’t have an impressive track record running task forces or agencies.” Borelli has criticized Thrive for its lack of help for the NYPD amid alarming rates of suicides by cops within the department.

“This is too serious an issue to use it as profile raiser,” he added, referring to her potential political aspirations. Many consider McCray a favorite for Brooklyn borough president.

According to the Post,

Councilman Robert Holden said the appointment reeks of political calculation by the mayor to up McCray’s visibility ahead of a widely rumored run for Beep.

“This is political. I wish de Blasio would stop doing this,” said the Queens Democrat. “Let her win the Brooklyn borough presidency on her own merits.

“Her track record on Thrive and the statue commission hasn’t been so good,” he added, referring to another of McCray’s questionable forays into the spotlight.



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