• October 20, 2020

Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Ban Anyone Organizing Lock Down Protests

 Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Ban Anyone Organizing Lock Down Protests

Fascistbook.. I mean Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is deleting posts and banning pages that are organizing lock down protests across the country. Anyone who dares to exercise their first amendment right to peacefully assemble will be banned and removed as ‘misinformation’.

Zuck confirmed the Orwellian policies during a segment of Good Morning America with Host George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos asked Zuckerberg how the company deals “with the fact that Facebook is now being used to organize a lot of these protests to defy social distancing guidelines in states. If somebody trying to organize something like that, does that qualify as harmful misinformation?”

“We do classify that as harmful misinformation and we take that down,” confirmed Zuckerberg, while at the same time saying that it’s important “that people can debate policies.”

A Facebook spokesman confirmed to CNN that planned protests in California, New Jersey, and Nebraska were having their pages removed from Facebook at the request of state authorities.

A massive protest outside of the Pennsylvania State Capitol is scheduled for Monday which was largely organized on Facebook.

On Twitter, President Trump called on protesters to “liberate” the states of Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia, also calling on Virginian citizens to “save your great 2nd amendment. It is under siege!”

At Friday’s White House coronavirus press conference, Trump lent more support to the protesters.

“These are people expressing their views,” said the president. “They seem to be very responsible people to me, but they’ve been treated a little bit rough.”

Thomas John


Thomas John is dedicated to fighting back against the Fake News and their baseless attacks on our President. He is the Secretary and Director of Communications for the Lehigh County Republican Party in Pennsylvania.

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