• October 20, 2020

Ocasio-Cortez Quickly Deletes Tweet Celebrating Collapse of U.S Equity Markets

 Ocasio-Cortez Quickly Deletes Tweet Celebrating Collapse of U.S Equity Markets

Democrat Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, tweeted a celebratory message amid the news that U.S. equity markets crashed on Monday, with oil prices turning negative for the first time in history. Not shortly after she decided to delete it.

Ocasio-Cortez used the news to call for the Green New Deal and other socialist reforms in the U.S.

You can see the archived thread of her tweet here

After realizing how ridiculous she looked and deleting her tweet, Ocasio-Cortez tried to make her idiotic point again, writing: “This snapshot is being acknowledged as a turning point in the climate movement. Fossil fuels are in long-term structural decline. This along w/ low interest rates means it‘s the right time to create millions of jobs transitioning to renewable and clean energy. A key opportunity.”

Throughout the day, Ocasio-Cortez has also reposted various messages essentially saying the oil crash presents an opportunity for environmentalists.

Democrats never let a good crisis go to waste and this is proof. Biden has said something similar to Ocasio-Cortez amid the coronavirus crisis, saying that the pandemic creates the ‘opportunity’ to enact the Green New Deal.

Thomas John


Thomas John is dedicated to fighting back against the Fake News and their baseless attacks on our President. He is the Secretary and Director of Communications for the Lehigh County Republican Party in Pennsylvania.

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