• October 28, 2020

Dan Crenshaw Praised For ‘Takedown’ of Bill Maher

 Dan Crenshaw Praised For ‘Takedown’ of Bill Maher

Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw appeared on “Real Time” with host Bill Maher to discuss President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and to promote his new book Fortitude.

Maher is known for being an outspoken critic of Republicans, especially President Trump. He went after Crenshaw for his support for Trump and what he called Trump’s “pass-the-buck, lie, finger-point, and shirk-responsibility” approach.

Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who gained pop-culture acclaim as the butt of a controversial ‘Saturday Night Live’ joke, fired back with a simple question:

‘When people make these accusations, I have to ask them: Is the goal to make Trump look bad or is the goal to get to the truth? Because there are two separate sets of answers for that.’

Maher also asked Crenshaw, as a member of the military, how he could possibly support a president who has shown he’s fully incapable of handling the coronavirus pandemic.

“You know, I would say I support the country, and the president’s success is certainly tied in the success of the country,” Crenshaw answered. “I support his policy agenda, when I disagree with his policy agenda I openly disagree with it.”

Watch the full interview:

Thomas John


Thomas John is dedicated to fighting back against the Fake News and their baseless attacks on our President. He is the Secretary and Director of Communications for the Lehigh County Republican Party in Pennsylvania.

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