• October 22, 2020

Liberal Groups That Condemned Kavanaugh Remain Silent On Biden Allegations

 Liberal Groups That Condemned Kavanaugh Remain Silent On Biden Allegations

It’s been months since Tara Reade broke her silence and came out with her sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. Joining in the media blackout of Reade’s accusations is every national women’s group that quickly condemned Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh when he was facing similar accusations during his Senate confirmation.

The silence from groups like the ACLU, NARAL, Women’s March and Planned Parenthood on Biden’s sexual assault allegations is just another instance added to the long list of liberal double standards.

If Liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

During Kavanaugh’s confirmation the ACLU proudly proclaimed their support for his accuser Christine Blasey Ford, who had zero evidence to back up her claims.

Similarly, The Women’s March announced their support for Ford, calling for a national call to action to defend her, even before she gave her testimony. They just assumed she was telling the truth and demanded that everyone in the country ‘believe women’. Just not those who accuse Democrats, right?

Planned Parenthood didn’t waste time jumping on the ‘believe Ford even before she testifies’ bandwagon with this tweet:

So did NARAL:

Now that Biden is facing similar accusations and Tara Reade is telling her story, these left wing women’s groups are no where to be found. Because when Democrats do it, it’s okay to them.

Thomas John


Thomas John is dedicated to fighting back against the Fake News and their baseless attacks on our President. He is the Secretary and Director of Communications for the Lehigh County Republican Party in Pennsylvania.

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