• October 22, 2020

Americans Will be American, Deal with it.

 Americans Will be American, Deal with it.

Americans will be American, and many of the Governors need to be reminded of that. They are here to work for us, the people. From “King Andy Cuomo” to the “Totalitarian” Whitmer, Governor of Michigan. Both of these Governors have been hypocritical from the start. Both Governors out and about, not wearing masks while preaching about the need for others to “do their part.” Every once in awhile something happens in society and the “leaders” are reminded that they are put in their position as a voice for the people. They are reminded in such a way that makes them wish they had listened to us, instead of putting their egos above the “regular people” who put them there to begin with. Hopefully it does not come to the “off with their heads” point in this country, but the elites keep pushing their own agendas and putting our country farther and farther in debt and expecting us to pay it all back.

Our forefathers did not come to America to be told what they have to wear in public, “pandemic” or not. The right to assemble and freedom of religion always applies and no “mandate” by one person as a state representative gets to decide what freedoms we do or do not get in this country.


Jeremy Messina


Jeremy Messina has been a Conservative throughout his life, proudly republican and was never registered as a democrat. Proud President Trump supporter since day 1. Currently a business owner, on town planning board and various Republican committees holding various positions.

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