• October 21, 2020

Pelosi Says She Is “Satisfied” With Biden Ignoring Sexual Assault Allegations

 Pelosi Says She Is “Satisfied” With Biden Ignoring Sexual Assault Allegations

Do-Nothing Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was “satisfied” with Joe Biden simply denying sexual misconduct allegations against him by former staffer Tara Reade. Biden has refused to speak on the issue and has refused to lend Reade any type of apology – he’s simply ignoring it, hoping the media will cover for him.

Surprisingly, host Ari Melber asked Pelosi about the allegations, considering the media has largely ignored the allegations and refused to publish Reade’s claims until it went viral on Social Media. Melber brought up the allegations briefly by asking Pelosi the following question at the end of the interview:

“Final question on a different issue as you know there was an accusation of misconduct against Joe Biden. He’s publicly denied it. He’s the Democratic nominee. Are you satisfied with his answer?”

Pelosi said, “Yes, I am. I’m very much involved in this issue. I always want to give the opportunity that women deserve to be heard. I am satisfied with his answer, yes.”

Pelosi saying she is satisfied with Biden’s answer means she is ‘satisfied’ with Biden ignoring the allegations, considering a simple denial is certainly not what Democrats afforded President Trump when they paid women to come forward to accuse him of misconduct.

Why isn’t Pelosi calling for investigations? Why is the media covering for Joe Biden and ignoring Tara Reade? Because they are Democrats, that’s why.

If Biden was a Republican, Pelosi would be on every news channel blasting him and Tara Reade would be in front of every camera and on the front page of every liberal newspaper in the county.

You can watch the interview below:

Thomas John


Thomas John is dedicated to fighting back against the Fake News and their baseless attacks on our President. He is the Secretary and Director of Communications for the Lehigh County Republican Party in Pennsylvania.

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