• October 28, 2020

Donald Trump Crushing Biden in Latest Polls!

 Donald Trump Crushing Biden in Latest Polls!

Recently, in the latest polls on our site and from multiple Facebook pages running our polls, President Trump is crushing former Vice President, Joe Biden. In our latest poll, gathering over 500,000 votes, Donald Trump won 82% compared to a poor 18% going to Joe Biden. We polled people on our site and we polled people in various Facebook groups and allowed people to share the poll to their friends and family. It is important to note that this poll was also shared into liberal and democrat groups as well. Before Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders dropped out, he was the only candidate who polled well against President Trump. Consistently, Sanders was almost neck and neck with President Trump in our polls with Trump winning 52% to Sanders 48%. Maybe Comrade Sanders dropped out to early. Certainly the DNC did not do their own research and homework. If they did, they would have seen what almost everyone else in America saw and that is, Sanders was the clear and obvious choice if they wanted to beat Donald Trump, or at least have any shot at winning.

Jeremy Messina


Jeremy Messina has been a Conservative throughout his life, proudly republican and was never registered as a democrat. Proud President Trump supporter since day 1. Currently a business owner, on town planning board and various Republican committees holding various positions.

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