• October 22, 2020

Americans growing tired of “lock up”

 Americans growing tired of “lock up”

Michigan Protesters call to open country now

“Give me liberty, or give me death” as said by Patrick Henry at a speech he made at the second Virginia Convention. This quote is resonating with Americans and bringing out the freedom fighting spirit that our forefathers fought with. Michigan (a Democrat majority state) had thousands and thousands of patriotic Americans parked in the street and who ignored the “stay in your car order” set by the Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. The people of Michigan are obviously growing tired of lockdown and rightfully so. Whitmer took some things to the extreme in Michigan and even stated after the protest that she “may have to extend the stay at home order”.

Governor Cuomo, or “King Cuomo” as many Upstate New Yorkers refer to him as, has issued an executive order for people to wear masks when they can’t maintain the social distancing “laws”. This new mandate has unleashed a massive amount of outrage on social media mostly from Republicans and Independents. We have seen that Democrats are much more likely to be in favor of mandatory executive order actions made by the Governors of their states, whereas Republicans and Independents worry about the government overreaching and trampling our rights long term. Historically, when Governments have too much control they abuse their power and almost always end with the people rising up and putting the “leaders” in their place reminding them not to mess with the middle and lower classes. Honestly, after the people have been stolen from and lied to by our “elected leaders” in this country for so long, why should the people be willing to just give in to the demands of people who have never truly had our best interest at heart?

The President has stated many times that parts of the country can open by May 1st and some possibly even before that. Some states are planning their own protest to “open the country” as well. There has been many Democrat governors who have stated they might possibly keep their states closed longer. If this happens and this tyranny is not brought to an end, the only outcome we will see is enraged Americans, bankrupt businesses and a collapsed American economy.

Jeremy Messina


Jeremy Messina has been a Conservative throughout his life, proudly republican and was never registered as a democrat. Proud President Trump supporter since day 1. Currently a business owner, on town planning board and various Republican committees holding various positions.

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