• October 20, 2020

President Trump was right, again.

 President Trump was right, again.

By Jeremy Messina / April 14, 2020.

President Trump has faced critics and “Lame Stream Media” as Trump says, over and over again. The media has attacked President Trump every way we can imagine and in a moment when we as Americans need the media to do some honest reporting, they do the opposite. Months ago, President Trump called for the complete shutdown of the border from China to America because of the terrible reports of the Coronavirus in China. The media quickly resorted to their typical “that is racist” rhetoric that they have rehearsed and drilled into their liberal media message against President Trump and his supporters the last few years. Today the media is attacking the President for not acting swiftly, when in reality he was the only one pushing for our safety and willing to take drastic measures to save the lives of the American people from the beginning. The World Health Organization completely botched and covered for China since the beginning of the outbreak. On January 26th, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), said “the American public shouldn’t worry about the Coronavirus outbreak in China.”

So it appears as if President Trump was right, again. People should be angry that the media plays people like this just for “views” to profit on the fear of the American people. Although, what can we expect when the media has become entertainment and the news anchors are more interested in looking good for the cameras and building their twitter following than giving real facts to the American people.

Jeremy Messina


Jeremy Messina has been a Conservative throughout his life, proudly republican and was never registered as a democrat. Proud President Trump supporter since day 1. Currently a business owner, on town planning board and various Republican committees holding various positions.


  • The media has lost all integrity. Their constant lies have ruined any credibility that they once had. They show no respect whatsoever. The President of the USA is one of the highest, most powerful positions in the world, and they talk to him like he’s beneath them. They won’t let him finish a sentence and ask the same questions over and over. I have to shut it off. Not because I’m a huge Trump supporter, but because everything I was ever taught about journalism is thrown out the window.

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